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Excursion to landscapes towards Essaouira

Quit Marrakech and head along the Moroccan sceneries to Essaouira.look at the small villages.

Plants disappear then superseded by argan trees. If you like, you can stop to eat argan oil in a small enterprise of argan products . This multi- functions oil is popular for its use in food preparation and aesthetics.

Marvel at the observation of Essaouira on the way to the city. This appealing imaginative town , blue and white . Once Essaouira, you can see the fishermen discharge their gain of the day and the fishing small ships coming back to port .take pleasure by having a meal in the various bistros of the harbor that present a lunch of newly caught fish and seafood. ramble along the avenues ,walk around the old city walls and wander at the medina ,crammed with native craftsmen vending their manual profession of timbered Thuya .

Another motivating space: seashore, calm place where you can feel about a tranquil and comforting afternoon. At the close of your journey, remove to Merrakech .



Discovoer our excursion to landscapes towards Essaouira, enjoy your trip in old city of medina essaouira,  and after back to Marrakech