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Excursion to the waterfalls of Ouzoud Azilal

As the sunset appear you quit Marrakech to appreciate the cascades of Ouzoud, this impressive water trip over,

one hundred feet of altitude is one of the most exceptional ad charming natural Moroccan Atlas. Leisure time you will be invited to gaze at the pleasing natural view and to have photos.

Lunch in a historical restaurant and again take benefit of Moroccan particularities and newly prepared orange juice in one of the numerous buffets in the trajectory conducting to the waterfalls. It is within reach to plunge or achieve the peak after a quick march.

60 kilometers from Marrakech, you will frequent the Ourika valley located at the bottom the High Atlas Mountains.

During this trip to Ourika, you will find out the plentiful nature of the valley.comming to Ourika is the correct option for those seeking forget totally the hustle ad bustle of daily life.the center of the Ourika Valley.

spare time to amuse in the invigorating waterfalls and exploit the occasion in watching this mind-blowing area and to have some pictures and calm down and get your lunch in a lovely restaurant in Ourika.